What is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a condition which causes inflammation in the tip of the penis in men. As far as women are concerned, it leads to inflammation and irritation of the urethritis. It can manifest itself in many ways and there could be discharge in some cases – the discharge is usually clear in case of Chlamydia. There are other reasons which also could cause inflammation. Many men also have inflammation of the testicles when they are infected with Chlamydia. It is often accompanied by pain, both for men and women.

It Could Lead To Sterility

Though Chlamydia usually does not result in any external scars it could lead to swelling of both the male and female organs. This could lead to internal injuries and if left untreated, it could lead to sterility. The problem with this medical condition is that it does not have any signs externally apart from redness and swelling as mentioned above. Hence it is not very uncommon for people to mistake this disease and confuse it with other medical conditions.

Pregnant Women Should Be Careful

Women who suffer from Chlamydia virus should be careful because they could pass it on to the newborn babies. The child gets infected when it has to pass through the areas which are perhaps infected with this disease. There are many young babies who suffer from severe eye problems or have pneumonia. There are many women and men who also complain about pain in the rectum, which is also accompanied sometimes by discharge or bleeding. This usually occurs with those men and women who have anal sex. Having oral sex is also a reason for many to transmit this disease to the eye or throat. The infected eyes become droopy and swollen and if not treated properly, it could lead to blindness.

Is It Curable

There are many effective treatments available today which can cure Chlamydia, even in late stages. However, delaying the treatment could damage the fertility of both men and women and could damage the Fallopian tubes in women and the penile structure in men. Hence, early diagnosis is of paramount importance so that the disease can be fully cured before it reaches other parts of the body. Getting in touch with the doctor is the first thing you must do when a person is infected with Chlamydia.

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